Cum se face link building (oficial)

august 11, 2010

Articol publicat in: Internet

Pe site -ul oficial google a aparut punctul de vedere oficial al lui Google despre cum sa construiesti o retea de linkuri – white hat.

Acest articol recomanda mai multe metode , toate fiind “long term”:

  1. get involved in the community around your topic. Interact and contribute on forums and blogs
  2. think of issues or problems your users might encounter (and offer solutions)
  3. entertaining content is being shared now more than ever
  4. Buying PageRank-passing links or randomly exchanging links are the worst ways of attempting to gather links and they’re likely to have no positive impact on your site’s performance over time
  5. submit your site to directories only if it is on topic, moderated, and well structured
  6. look at similar sites in other markets and identify the elements of those sites that might work well for yours, too
  7. making linking to your site easier for less tech savvy users, offering bookmarking services for social sites like Twitter or Facebook can help spread the word about the great content on your site and draw users’ attention.

Aceste 7 metode sunt cele recomandate de google. Sunt ele singurele? Doar ele functioneaza?
Cu siguranta, NU! Insa, un lucru este sigur: daca folosim aceste metode, long term site-ul nostru va avea de castigat!

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